Hamburger Corals Reef

Reef Diving in Key Largo with Sail Fish Scuba

Hamburger shaped corals can be found at this reef. Bun on top and bottom and the center looks just like a ground burger with lettuce sticking out, no joke!

Hamburger Corals Reef Dive Site Description

At the shallow back side of the Grecian Rocks Reef Chain, there is a large I beam sticking up, and if you explore the 8 – 16 foot deep sandy area with small patches of reef, you will discover these freaks of nature, hamburger shaped corals. This site is perfect for Macro photography buffs, student divers, or any divers who just like the super shallow diving sites that allow plenty of bottom time. Snorkeling this site is wonderful even on a high East wind day, as it is protected by the massive patch of reef East of it.

Max. dive depth:
• 18′

Hamburger Corals Reef Additional Information

When you find West Indian Sea Eggs, they become one of the highlights of this site!

Max depth 18 feet to the West, and shallows 4 feet deep.

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Hamburger Corals Reef in Key Largo