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Winch Hole

Winch Hole Reef

Coral Reef Diving in Key Largo with Sail Fish Scuba
Winch Hole dive site at Key Largo’s Molasses barrier reef is home to a huge winch over 10 feet long laying in a sandy spot with a depth of 32 feet deep.

Winch Hole Dive Site Description

It is believed the 10 foot long winch came off a 170 foot long wooden sailing schooner named Slobodana who ran aground at this spot on Molasses Reef in Key Largo sometime in 1887.

You can find the Winch by descending to the base of the mooring #M7, then swimming a short distance 14′ East out away from the reef into the sand.

Due to all the cavernous areas of corals at this site, and it’s location in relationship to deeper waters just to the East, it is a Large fish filled dive/snorkel site.

Winch Hole Reef Additional Information

Look for Goliath Grouper, black grouper, reef sharks, black tip sharks, bull sharks, maybe even a hammerhead shark. Also frequently seen are Southern Stingrays and Spotted Eagle rays as well as turtles, which by the way are all shark food, not humans! Enjoy getting to see all the huge creatures and fear no fish!

Max depth to the East 42 feet, min depth above the reef 16 feet.

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Winch Hole Reef in Key Largo

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