Are you ready to take your certification to the next level… Go deeper, increase buoyancy control, navigate the seas with ease. If you don’t want to limit yourself to 60 ft dives relying solely on your compass to navigate, and instead dive to 100 ft comfortably while learning the secrets of natural navigation, this course is for you!

Course Outline:

Core Dive #1

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Swim like a fish without bumping into the sand / reef.

Core Dive #2

Underwater Navigation 

Navigate the seas without solely relying on your compass, learn the secrets to natural navigation.

Core Dive #3

Deep Dive –

Explore the deep abyss, get certified to dive to 100 feet where animals get bigger and air spaces get smaller.

Adventure Dives # 4 & # 5

Pick two of these suggested dives –

  • Boat Diving – Learn how we set up the boat and precautions when boat diving
  • Underwater Photography – Perfect your picture taking skills underwater
  • Under Water Naturalist – Identify Corals and learn to act responsibly with aquatic life
  • Wreck Diving – Explore shipwrecks and take the first step to your wreck diving specialty




+ PADI e-learner  fee 

+ tax. 

Review Medial Questionnaire
If you answer YES to any questions..



  • Pre-Requisites:
    • Must be Open Water Certified PRIOR to this course
    • Finish PADI e-Learner course before arrival
    • Required to fill out Medical Waiver & email to dive shop before course date
  • What’s Included?
    • Your Instructor
    • 5 advanced open water training dives – and possibly one extra fun dive!
    • PADI certification & processing fees
    • Certification card
    • All SCUBA gear you will use for the day including wetsuits if needed
    • Boat fees
    • Water and candy on the boat
    • Snacks when you arrive back at the shop
  • What’s Not Included?
    • A tip for your Instructor & boat crew  $5 per person for fair service and $20 per person for excellent service for each boat trip is customary in the dive industry
    • E – Learning fee – This is paid directly to PADI through the link above
    • Bathing suit & Towel
  • How long does the course take?
    • This course consists of 5 dives spread out over a minimum of 1 day & 1/2 or three half days depending on your schedule