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Sail Fish Scuba Family

This page consists of our Sail Fish Scuba Family, While we work hard as a team to make sure our customers have the best experience possible, we also have fun and enjoy each others company. This is what makes Sail Fish Scuba so successful! Good friends, smiling faces, & creating everlasting memories.


Chris Kerr – Owner / Captain / Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Captain Chris
When Chris and Jen first started dating back in 2002, Jen bought Chris Scuba to which he promptly responded: “thanks but I don’t even know how to swim!” Jen answered with no hesitation “Class starts in a week, learn quick!” Chris almost failed his swim test but loved & aced the Scuba class. In February 2006 Chris returned home to find Jen putting up a for sale sign in their front yard. She told him “We are moving to Florida – I hate the snow! We will get our Instructor license to teach SCUBA & travel the world being dive bums.” Chris just said “Ok, when do we move?” They agreed on 60 days and they did! Between 2006-2011 they worked for multiple dive shops in Key Largo & Islamorada, Florida, Ohau, Hawaii, & St Thomas, USVI learning how the dive industry works. They opened the doors to Sail Fish Scuba n 2011 and the rest is Sail Fish Scuba history!
Jen Kerr – Owner / Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Jen Topside Selfie
Chris and Jennifer spent many years helping to build other dive operations. On the island of St. Thomas, they were inspired to build their own. Jen and Chris envisioned a small operation with very personalized customer service. They wanted a place where customers become friends, not just more numbers in a data base and staff is more like extended family. With the help of some good friends, Sail Fish Scuba quickly came together.


Dave Clarno – Open Water Scuba Instructor / Captain
Dave Peace
Dave is retired from The Boeing Company and was the owner of another small dive operation in Key Largo from 2010-2016. He’s been diving since the 90’s & like’s to say “He was a Scuba Instructor before he was a captain”. He’s been diving around the world including French Polynesia, Fiji, The Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize, Mexico (both coasts + Cozumel), Grenada, Bonaire, Aruba, St. Lucia, US & British Virgin Islands, the Caymans, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, as well as many lakes & quarries in the US. But, he has found his dream diving (& Captaining) home right here in Key Largo. After so many years in the corporate world, the friendly, laid back atmosphere of Key Largo & Sailfish Scuba is just what the doctor ordered. Talk with him for a while & you’ll discover that he is quite passionate about being out on & in the water and loves to collect photos (that he takes) of sharks from around the world.
Fallon (BOO) Brown – Divemaster
Boo came to Sail Fish Scuba many years ago as just a little kid looking for some fun scuba diving to do during the summers in the Keys. We loved taking her up the PADI Instructional ladder year after year during these summer visits. The summer of 2017 she completed the Dive Master Summer Internship with us. She then worked with a Northern Florida Scuba shop during her first year in college. Owner Jen was super excited to hear from Boo in the Spring asking if she could this summer 2018 officially work as a full time PADI Dive Master. Of course the answer was YES! We are very much enjoying having Boo as part of our full time summer staff.

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