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This page consists of our Sail Fish Scuba Family, While we work hard as a team to make sure our customers have the best experience possible, we also have fun and enjoy each others company. This is what makes Sail Fish Scuba so successful! Good friends, smiling faces, & creating everlasting memories.


Chris Kerr

Owner / Captain / Master Scuba Diver Trainer

When Chris and Jen first started dating back in 2002, Jen bought Chris Scuba to which he promptly responded: “thanks but I don’t even know how to swim!” Jen answered with no hesitation “Class starts in a week, learn quick!” Chris almost failed his swim test but loved & aced the Scuba class. In February 2006 Chris returned home to find Jen putting up a for sale sign in their front yard. She told him “We are moving to Florida – I hate the snow! We will get our Instructor license to teach SCUBA & travel the world being dive bums.” Chris just said “Ok, when do we move?” They agreed on 60 days and they did! Between 2006-2011 they worked for multiple dive shops in Key Largo & Islamorada, Florida, Ohau, Hawaii, & St Thomas, USVI learning how the dive industry works. They opened the doors to Sail Fish Scuba in 2011 and the rest is Sail Fish Scuba history!

Jen Kerr

Owner / Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Chris and Jennifer spent many years helping to build other dive operations. On the island of St. Thomas, they were inspired to build their own. Jen and Chris envisioned a small operation with very personalized customer service. They wanted a place where customers become friends, not just more numbers in a data base and staff is more like extended family. With the help of some good friends, Sail Fish Scuba quickly came together.


Michael Jordan

PADI MSDT Instructor
Mike stopped in at our dive shop in full State Police Officer uniform looking for 2 dive shop staff members (unsure what shop they actually worked for at the time) named Casey & Brent who had been involved in an auto accident on US1 the day before. Oddly enough at the time, we did have a Casey & Brent working for us, but they turned out to not be who he was looking for. While at our shop this day Mike asked: “how does one go about becoming a working Dive Master?” as he was thinking of doing this upon retirement. Owner Jen explained our DM internship program and within minutes Mike was filling out the student folder to begin AOW, Rescue, DSAT Gas Blender, EANx, Specialties, and DM course with Sail Fish Scuba. Over a year part-time, Mike earned his way up to PADI DM and immediately realized he wanted more! Shortly after Mike became a PADI Instructor and now retired from the FHP enjoys working with us diving each day.

Tom Simmons

PADI MSDT Instructor
Tom likes to call himself the same name as his personal website/Blog: “Old Guy Diving” but we never think of him this way at all. Tom is such a hard worker and full of spunk no one (not even us) believe his age when he proudly tells you. Up super early for his morning mile run and then always first one at the dive shop getting everything set up to run smoothly. Sail Fish Scuba welcomed this seasoned diver/instructor with open arms in the spring of 2018 and couldn’t be happier with having him as part of our team! Inst. Tom has a passion for the deep shipwrecks but is always happy to teach Discover Scuba classes, guide snorkeling guests, or brag about the cool fish sightings on the days shallow reef trip. Toms life before Sail Fish Scuba is super interesting, so be sure to ask him all about it when you are here diving or snorkeling with him, he even use to be a small plane pilot!
Really though please visit Tom’s site and follow it for the fun adventure:

Rick McKinley

PADI Divemaster
Rick entered Sail Fish Scuba DM Internship program shortly after Inst. Mike Jordan finished his SFS DM Internship training at Mike’s strong suggestion. Owner of SFS Jen clearly remembers well Ricks first visit to the dive shop. He walked in with a “don’t try to sell me anything or offer me a job” attitude. Jen did her best to outline Sail Fish Scuba’s DM internship “with-out selling it” to Rick, LOL! After getting relaxed and hearing about his prior scuba training sessions at another shop, Jen assured Rick: “Sail Fish Scuba is polar opposite to all other shops around in many aspects, including our intern program.” He signed up that same day and has gained massive experiences over a full year of part-time training. Once finished with internship offered his services part-time to work with the Sail Fish Scuba team, which we accepted him with open arms. We are proud to have DM Rick as part of the SFS team guiding our certified divers and snorkeling guests as well as first mate on our boat.
Rick also like all our staff has a super cool background and is retired from Fire Fighting and much more!

Captain Bill Defries

PADI Divemaster / USCG

PADI Dive Master & USCG Dive Boat Captain Bill came to get to know the owner of Sail Fish Scuba many years back shortly after SFS opened through a mutual friend. Captain Bill had been working for a Big Pine Key dive shop and working with PADI Inst. Brian who SFS owner Jen & Chris Kerr knew from their years living and working on St. Thomas USVI. Brian made the introductions and Bill, Chris and Jen bonded with instant friendship. A few years later Bill walked into SFS dive shop and announced he had moved up from Big Pine Key to Key Largo and wondered if we needed a boat captain. We knew of his extensive expertise and immediately joined him to the Sail Fish Scuba team.

Bill is a PADI Dive Master but enjoys working topside with divers more than underwater so if you want to dive with him, just ask him to join for a dive on his days off from Captaining.

Bill is also our dive shops boat engineer and a most valuable member of our dive shop team!

Tim Tobey

PADI Divemaster Intern

Tim walked into Sail Fish Scuba dive shop 18 April 2019 and stated he was a decades-long hard hat commercial diver who is now retired to living here in the Florida Keys. He was looking for a shop to help him get back into open circuit scuba diving with a tune-up and reintroduction to modern scuba gear as his PADI OW card reflects a certification date of 1 May 1983.

Jen mentioned Sail Fish Scuba’s OW to DM Internship program and before finishing her sentences Tim was jumping up and down saying: “How do I sign up?” Student folder was filled out within minutes and Tim got started down the PADI Path to Dive Master. By the end of May 2019, Tim had exchanged shop chores for his Scuba Tune-Up day and his PADI Advanced Open Water Certification. He is now working on his PADI Rescue Diver, DSAT Gas Blender, EANx, Specialties, and then Dive Master certifications.

Tim is a true natural in the water looking after guests and UW Photo came easy to him, so when joining us for tours in 2019 you maybe will get to see him in action learning the ins & outs of becoming a Professional PADI Dive Master

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If you call between 12 – 48 hours before your scheduled tour to cancel, you forfeit your payment collected. Any cancellations more than 48 hours before scheduled check-in time will have payments refunded.

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