Discover Snorkeling

Discover Snorkeling

Required for all Non and Weak Swimmers wanting to go snorkeling while in the Florida Keys
Discover snorkeling day is a full day event 7:30am – 4:30pm and rate includes Class/Confined Training at Lagoon & 2 locations of snorkeling in group setting off afternoon boat. All Rental gear included in the price as well. Guests must have own bathing/swimming suit to wear under the wetsuit.

Tour Description

The day starts out at 7:30am with a live classroom lesson on snorkeling skills and gear use. We will go over required paperwork and watch a short DVD lesson followed by a fitting in all required snorkeling and floatation gear for snorkeling. After a short drive to the lagoon, we will enter the water on a 3 feet deep platform where we will kneel and practice breathing from the snorkel and looking through the mask. Once comfortable with this, we will don the snorkeling fins and buoyant wetsuit and lifejacket. Next, we will start floating over the 3 feet deep platform until comfortable and not having to put feet down anymore.

Then we will proceed to practice the skill of finning/swimming at the surface in the buoyant gear while keeping our face in the water looking through the mask and breathing from the snorkel. After we are totally comfortable doing this over the shallow platform, we will proceed to independently snorkel around in the ocean lagoon looking at the fish and sponge growth.

Upon 100% successful completion of independence snorkeling for a minimum of 30 minutes nonstop without any panic while in the water and being able to move 100% finning/snorkeling with zero assistance by our staff, the PADI Discover Snorkeling guest will be ready to join us for our group guided snorkeling tour off the afternoon boat this day. All signed up discover snorkeling guests must arrive no later to the dive shop than 7:30am to allow for enough time in the morning to achieve success to be able to join the afternoon boat 2 location reef sessions. Not everyone who signs up will have success learning as individual comfort levels vary. There is no refunds or adjustments to the day cost, however guests may opt to join the afternoon as a boat rider instead of snorkeling guest off the afternoon boat trip.
Discover Snorkel Trip
  • Pricing $279.00 + Tax
Schedule and Duration

*Check-in is an hour before each tour leaves!

  • Leaves at 7:30 AM
  • Returns at 4:30 PM

Check-in is always an hour before each tour leaves!

Shop Closed Sunday – Tuesday

Snorkel Trips in Key Largo

Get fitted with our high quality snorkeling gear for your tour right behind our shop. Mask, Fins, (even booties and strap fins if you like them better than full foot fins!) and snorkels (which all come with purge valves!)

Each of our trips include a FREE PADI professional dive master or instructor level snorkel guide at a maximum ratio of 6 snorkelers to 1 guide. This guide will be taking FREE photos of your tour to take home. All tour photos are uploaded to our daily blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Professional experienced snorkel guide at a ratio of 6:1
  • Mask, Fins, Snorkel & Wetsuit
  • 5 minute Snorkel 101 lesson before entering the water for those first-timers
  • Pool noodles & snorkel vests for flotation if requested
  • Water & candy on the boat
  • Snacks when you return back to the shop
  • A tip for your guide / crew  $5 per person for fair service and $20 per person for excellent service is customary in the dive industry
  • Your bathing suit & Towel
There is no guarantee as to what we will see on each individual tour. But we do commonly come across turtles, sharks, eagle rays, eels, conchs, and lots more!
  • Many snorkelers experience Motion Sickness during the boat ride and sometimes in the water. This is easy to control by talking with your doctor or pharmacist about taking an over the counter Motion Sickness product such as Bonine
  • There are no refunds for getting motion sickness. Please plan ahead
  • Jelly season is late September – early December, we do get a few stragglers but the majority do come in the season.
  • We put snorkel guests in wet suits and rash guards to protect you from stings
  • Vinegar is always kept on board to ease jelly stings in the unlikely event you do manage to get stung.

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Fuel Surcharge

FUEL Surcharge Per Person / Per Trip effective as of 1 April 2022

*Rider, Snorkel guest, Scuba guests, Scuba Instruction Students, Multiple Trip Scuba Guests, this applies to each person boarding the boat.

We hope this Fuel Price Spike ends soon, but at this time – this is the only way we can continue to afford to operate.

Notice: As of 29 April 2022, No one is permitted to use any Full Face Mask while on tours with our company for SCUBA Diving OR Snorkeling. * Sorry, zero exceptions to this policy.

If you cancel your booked tour less than 48 hours of your scheduled check-in time OR you are a NO-SHOW for your booked tour, you will be held to payment in full for the booked tour.

Any cancellations more than 48 hours before scheduled check-in time will have payments refunded.

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