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Rental Dive Gear in the Florida Keys from Sail Fish Scuba

Rental Gear

We carry a wide variety of rental equipment including Women’s & Men’s 3XL BCD’s and 5XL Wet-suits. This ensures all of our guests are comfortable and happy. Most of our gear is created by Cressi and is fairly new. We service each piece of equipment yearly without exception. In addition, all of our tanks are sent out for hydro static testing once a year.


We have 24 Regulators in our rental fleet – 9 with computers for Nitrox and decompression diving. Most of our regulators are Cressi.


Range in size from XXS-3XL we have 32 in total. They are all weight integrated.


Sizes K4-5XL in Rash-guards, Shorties, 3MM long, & 5MM long


A variety of masks is in our rental fleet from small children’s masks to the big mans mask we have many styles to ensure you don’t get any excess water in your eyes.


We carry sizes for kids 3+ years of age into a size 13 Mens in booties and in full foot fins

Pricing and Reservations
Rental Gear Fees

Single Trip 2-Tank Dive Rental Gear

  • BCD – $15
  • Regulator – $15
  • Wetsuit – $10
  • Prescription Mask – $10
  • Nitrox Tank – $15

Multi Trip 4-Tank Dive Rental Gear

  • BCD – $10
  • Regulator – $10
  • Wetsuit – $5
  • Prescription Mask – $10
  • Nitrox Tank – $15
  • *Rental gear rates are PER DAY not per trip. This means you get FREE rental gear if you are going on 2 trips in the same day!

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