Open Water Diver Course

Open Water Diver Course in Key Largo

PADI Certifications in the Florida Keys with Sail Fish Scuba
Key Largo is the diving capital of the world, there’s no better place to get open water diver certified for life in this 3 HALF days course! Dive anywhere in the world, on your own boat, or with a tour agency. This course unlocks all of the worlds oceans for your exploring pleasure. Use this certification as an escape from the real world or get the whole family involved. Kids 10+ welcome!

Open Water Certification

Day 1 | 7:00 AM

Arrive at our shop 7AM day 1, with elearner course completed.

Paperwork & quick review quiz & gear fitting.

Directly to Jules Lagoon across the street & at 8am in water starting Confined lesson #1 – exit & giant stride back into water, surface swim snk/reg exchange to down line.
Complete OW training dive 1.
26 feet/20 mins.

  • Exit water: re-enter water complete Confined lessson #2.
  • Exit water: re-enter water complete Confined lesson #3.
  • Exit water: re-enter water complete Confined lesson #4.
  • Exit water: re-enter water complete confined lesson #5.
  • Exit water: re-enter water: surface skills tired diver tow to down line.
    Complete OW train dive #2.

Surface end of dive complete CESA .

Finished this half day by 1:30PM.

Day 2 | HALF DAY

Boat dives to complete OW train dives #3 & #4 and finish all flex skills.

And you are certified!

Open Water Diver Course
  • Pricing $479.00 + Tax

    + eLearner Fee

Registration Step 1
  • Follow the link to register and pay PADI for your virtual classroom and virtual manual.
Registration Step 2

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Schedule and Duration

*Check-in is an hour before each tour leaves!

Wed – Sat Available: Wed/Thur Thur/Fri Fri/Sat weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Your Instructor
  • All SCUBA gear you will use for the day including wet-suits if needed
  • Pool fees
  • Boat fees
  • Water and candy on the boat
  • Snacks when you arrive back at the shop
  • Certification card & processing fees
  • A tip for your instructor  $15 per person for fair service and $60 per person for excellent service is customary in the dive industry for the Open Water Course
  • Your bathing suit & towel, please come prepared to spend the day in the water

To be certified as an Open Water Diver for life you MUST be able to keep your head above water for 10 minutes & swim 200 meters without any swimming aids ( or 300 meters with mask, fins & snorkel) This is PADI standards and is true for every dive shop around the world. It is for your safety. If you cannot swim, please take swimming lessons before signing up for this course. There will be no refunds for those who cannot swim.

You will learn a lot of skills in this course such as mask clearing, regulator clearing, neutral buoyancy, emergency out of air techniques, equipment assembly, basic self rescue, basic buddy rescue, and much more.

  • On your first set of 2 open water dives you will not go deeper than 40ft
  • On your second set of 2 open water dives you will not go deeper than 60ft
  • PADI requires that all divers be at least 10 years of age
Review Medical Questionnaire

You will need to bring a signed letter from your doctor verifying that you are “fit for diving” before entering in the water.

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We hope this Fuel Price Spike ends soon, but at this time – this is the only way we can continue to afford to operate.

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