Emergency First Responder Course in Key Largo

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EFR Course Description

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Be ready when a loved one needs you. Learn CPR, Primary and Secondary care, and AED. Adult, Child, and infant classes available. You do not need to be scuba certified to participate in this course.

CPR & First Aid Course

8:00 AM

Check-in at the shop, meet the instructor, fill out knowledge reviews and watch the EFR video.

10:00 AM

Learn first hand what it means to be an Emergency First Responder. Your Instructor will guide you through the steps necessary to be able  to assess life threatening situations such as major bleeding, shock management, chest compression’s, drowning, choking, rescue breaths, spinal injuries, head injuries and much more. In this portion of the class you will use a life-sized dummy to practice skills needed in emergency situations. This will increase your confidence for when these scenarios happen in real life!

11:30 PM

Take the final exam and receive your Emergency First response certification

Pricing and Reservations

Emergency First Responder Course

$135 + Manual ($35) + tax

Schedule and Duration

Tuesday - Saturday

Schedule (Tuesday – Saturday)

  • Morning Only:
    • Starts at 8:00 AM

Schedule (Sunday)

Morning Only:

  • Starts at 8:00 AM
Closed Mondays

Shop Closed on Mondays

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included?

What’s Included?

  • CPR First Aid Certification Fees
  • Processing Fees
Do I need to be a Scuba Diver to participate in this course?

Do I need to be a Scuba Diver to participate in this course?

  • No! Absolutely not! What you will learn in this course is 100 % land based and could save someones life, or even your own!

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