Benwood Wall

Reef Scuba Diving in Key Largo with Sail Fish Scuba

Wall Diving in Key Largo is not done by many dive shops, but we love the wall dive in front of the Benwood shipwreck. It is thriving coral covered and a thrilling site to explore.

Benwood Wall Dive Site Description

Top of the wall sits at 46 feet deep, and plunges quickly to 62 feet at the drop off spot. It then gradually drops to bottoming out at 109 feet deep. Massive patches of thriving corals with very healthy fish life is what this site boasts.
Max depth 109 feet deep.

Max. dive depth:
• 109′

Benwood Wall Additional Information

What to look for: Yellow Head Jaw fish in the sand, Garden Eels, Large Cobia fish, Green moray eels, and nurse sharks.​

Photo Gallery

Benwood Wall in Key Largo