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Coral Reef Diving in Key Largo with Sail Fish Scuba
Key Largo diving offers many unique sites, but none as cool as the FORD Model T car! Very few know even where this site is, much less how to find this cool old car sitting at the bottom of the ocean is 21 feet deep water, except our Owner Jen Kerr.

Ford Model-T Dive Site Description

When Jen first became a scuba instructor years ago and was working for a local Fl. Keys dive shop, the crusty old handlebar mustache wearing boat Captain she crewed at dive boat with kept telling her about all the secret dive sites he found when he had first moved to the Florida Keys. Jen being the great listener she is, took extensive notes over the months working with this captain. He would tell her to grab mask/snorkel & swim out this way or that, and sure enough he was exactly right about all the sites including this one! There laying on the bottom, having fallen off the ( Barge ) that use to be tied out at the Elbow reef until Hurricane Donna removed it, was the 1908 – 1912 Ford Model T-Car!

If you want to see this site, request Owner of Sail Fish Scuba Jen to guide you, as she and very very few other living soles know where this lays!

Ford Model-T Dive Site Additional Information

Other points of interest to see in the area are: a modern light tower to warn boater of the reef, a very old structure of the old lighthouse that was at this site, and all sorts of other debris that fell or was tossed off the old fishing barge when it was tied at this site.

Great Barracuda love this site, Goliath groupers often seen hanging around the wreckage, as well as giant green moray eels, reef fish, and thriving corals.

Max depth 26 feet, min depth 11 feet.

Great for snorkeling or scuba diving.

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Ford Model-T Dive Site in Key Largo

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