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Sand Bottom Caves

Sand Bottom Caves at French Reef

Coral Reef Diving in Key Largo with Sail Fish Scuba
Sand Bottom Caves at French Reef is not actually cave diving, it’s just cavernous swim through areas under the living coral reef.

Sand Bottom Caves Reef Dive Site Description

French Reef has many mooring ball sites, and the favorite of everyone is Sand Bottom Caves. This site gets its name from the numerous areas where the living coral reef is washed out under the bottom allowing divers to explore the cave like areas. With a max depth of 45 feet and shallowest parts at top of the reef being only 15 feet deep, this makes a great spot for scuba diver and snorkeling guests alike.

Sand Bottom Caves Reef Additional Information

At Sand Bottom Caves, you will usually find a large variety of Snapper residing in the “caves”. Gray Snapper are the most often seen, but you may also see Dog Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Schoolmaster, and some giant Cubera Snapper from dive to dive.

This is also a site that quite often you may even see a few Caribbean Reef sharks enjoying swims around and through the caves of the reef.

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Sand Bottom Caves Reef in Key Largo

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