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Sand Island Reef

Sand Island Reef

Coral Reef Diving in Key Largo with Sail Fish Scuba
This site we discovered recently is So Beautiful & the Elkhorn corals did not get any damage from Hurricane Irma at all! Sand Island Reef got its name because (so folklore claims) back before Hurricane Donna 1960, there was actually 1 lone Coconut Tree growing on a tiny sandy island at this very location.

Sand Island Reef Dive Site Description

Sand Island Reef is said to have had it’s sandy above water mound and lone coconut tree swept away in the massive force of Hurricane Donna back in 1960, leaving behind just a shallow hump of sand 11 feet below the surface of the water now. Close by this now “underwater sand island” is some impressive patch coral reef.

The most impressive patch has now ( Post Hurricane Irma ) the largest and most healthy patch of thriving Elkhorn Corals.

This site attracts huge schools of Surgeonfish, Wrasse, and grunts. There has been a resident Huge Great Barracuda at this site since Hurricane Irma. He comes and hangs out under the boat as soon as we moor up to the ball. When the divers giant stride into the water he darts out to greet each and everyone. Most days he then shadows the divers for the entire dive tour just like he’s a puppy dog. It makes this site even more fun and unique for all our guests. (Notice him above the divers in the 1 attached photo).

Sand Island Reef Additional Information

With a max depth of 26 feet deep and shallowest above reef to surface of only 11 feet, this site is simply perfect for snorkeling, student scuba divers, and skilled divers alike.

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Sand Island Reef in Key Largo

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