Pickle Barrel Wreck & Reef

Scuba Diving in Key Largo with Sail Fish Scuba

Stories go, that years ago cement was being shipped in old pickle barrels on a barge that accidentally ran aground on the reef where this old shipwreck & cement barrels still lay to this day.

Pickle Barrel Wreck & Reef Dive Site Description

Pickle barrels made of concrete litter this reef site, as well as the bones of an old shipwreck. There are many tales about why/how this wreck ended up here and why there are all these barrel shaped hunks of concrete scattered around this reef. We don’t know the honest to God truth, all we know is that this is a super pretty site for snorkeler and scuba divers alike.
There are possibly more sea fans at this site than any other site in the Fl.Keys.

Max. dive depth:
• 24′

Pickle Barrel Wreck & Reef Additional Information

Most dives you will get to see at least 1 giant green moray eel, and a few tiny golden tale eels if you are moving very slowly and looking closely.

Max depth 24 feet deep, and shallows get within 7 feet of the surface.

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Pickle Barrel Wreck & Reef in Key Largo