Snorkeling in Key Largo John Pennekamp State Park

Swimming and snorkeling with living coral reef doesn’t get any better than this!

Sail Fish Scuba invented and was the first in the Fl. Keys to not only offer guided snorkeling tours, but we have never charged a fee for the guide in the water with each group of 6 guests. Additionally to make the snorkeling even better we added for FREE our Photo-guided service! Our professional guide will take photos during your half day 2 locations of snorkeling fun on the living coral reef, and then we will email them via dropbox or even burn a complimentary CD filled with pictures of your tour.

Photo-guided 2 location Snorkeling Tour

$85.00 + sales tax.

Includes Mask/Fins/Snorkel/Wetsuit/In-water photo guide & set of the days photos.

6 guests to 1 guide

If your group is more than 6 persons and you want to all stay together, no worries, we will keep you all with same guide, just mention at time of booking.

Additional Information

Remember, we don’t just stop the boat and tell you “Pools Open” like all other snorkeling operators do telling you to go into the wide open Atlantic Ocean all by yourself and good luck finding the best parts of the reef, and then blow an ear-popping air horn at you like you are a dog or something that it’s time to hurry back to the boat or they may leave you out there! No Way!! We treat our snorkeling guest like extended members of our family during a family fun outing on the water! We get in the water with you, make sure you are comfortable behind the boat with all the gear you are using, then lead you on a wonderful tour.

Our guides know the sites, they will take you around to the very best parts, educate you about what fish and corals you are seeing. They will take photos of the fish, corals, and even free-dive down underwater and take photos looking back up at you snorkeling on the surface above. Do you have some cool photo ideas for your Social Media Cover page? Just mention to your guide and we will do our best to capture those awesome memory photos!

  • If you have never snorkeled before please mention this at booking & we will also include a FREE 5 minutes classroom lesson on snorkeling before your tour!
  • If you do NOT know SWIMMING, this won’t keep you from joining the fun during Sail Fish Scuba snorkeling tours! That’s correct, you can still come along snorkeling, we just require that For Your Own Safety & Enjoyment, you add on the Private Guide Fee of $60.00 at time of booking, so you will be ONE on ONE with a Professional PADI Divemaster directly at your side the entire time you are in the water.

We also require each Non-Swimmer to wear a buoyant Full Body Wetsuit, that helps make you float. Also wear the inflated snorkeling vest, and use the very buoyant swimming noodle under your arm pits/across your chest to additional help you float/relax/and enjoy your snorkeling experience with us.

NOTICE: Many snorkelers experience Motion Sickness during the boat ride and sometimes in the water. This is easy to control by talking with your doctor or pharmacist about taking the day before/day of an over the counter Motion Sickness product. 

There are no refunds for getting motion sickness. Please plan ahead!